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Equity Story

What sets Branicks apart?

Experts in logistics and office real estate
Branicks Group AG (“Branicks”) is Germany’s leading specialist in commercial real estate. The primary focus of the company is on office and logistics properties that attract both national and international interest. In these asset classes, Branicks sets the standard in Germany.

A long track record and nationwide presence
Previously known as DIC Asset AG, Branicks has a 25-year track record in the real estate market, with excellent market penetration and an exceptional network. The unique selling proposition of Branicks lies in its nationwide network of active asset managers who leverage their 360-degree management approach to elevate the intrinsic and earnings value of properties. With nine locations across Germany’s major markets, Branicks is always nearby, ready to provide on-site support and serves its tenants nationwide in all key regional markets. As of 31 December 2023 the company manages 351 properties with a market value of EUR 13.2 bn.

Resilient business model with diversified income streams
The well-established business model of Branicks can be described in one word: resilience. Branicks leverages a management platform with diversified income streams, aiming for financial stability and ongoing profitability, independent of market cycles. The company philosophy is to secure long-term growth while steadily increasing the share of predictable income streams.

On its management platform, Branicks generates continuous rental cash flows from the properties in its proprietary portfolio (Commercial Portfolio) on the one hand and consistent management fees from a broad range of services for third parties (Institutional Business) on the other hand. Additional income comes from structured investments and occasionally disposal gains after the successful active management of properties. Through the subsidiary VIB Vermögen AG, Branicks also operates as project developers for new logistics properties.

Focus on porfolio quality and ESG
Its clients have come to know Branicks as a reliable and creative partner throughout the entire real estate life cycle. Branicks follows a long-term yet alert and agile strategy, allowing the company to adapt swiftly to market changes. This approach ensures stable, long-term value and reliable success.

In the first phase, Branicks brings together properties, users and investors. Thanks to its excellent market penetration and close relationships with all stakeholders, the company can initiate and structure transactions in the second phase and lay the foundation for growth and value appreciation. Branicks manages most of the value chain – from acquisition to property management, and from deploying resources to finalising the sale.

ESG is integral to the corporate strategy, and sustainability is pivotal for the company’s portfolio management. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per square metre in the Commercial Portfolio by an average of 40% by 2030, compared to 2018 levels. Furthermore, Branicks aims to increase its share of green buildings. For investors, Branicks offers comprehensive ESG expertise as well, making investments future-proof through targeted strategies and measures.

Generating cash flows and engaging stakeholders
The company places immense value on stakeholders participating in the long-term success of the company. A consistent focus on generating cash flows and the ability to distribute profits has been has distinguished Branicks for years.