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DIC is now Branicks. More about our new brand identity

Encouraging Accountability, Earning Trust

Reliability and trustworthiness represent the core values of our corporate culture. They are based not just on strict adherence to statutory and contractual rules, but on a basic understanding of ethical behaviour. This includes openness, fairness and tolerance, conservation of resources, equal opportunity across gender lines, and the promotion of diversity while following clear guidelines and helping to manage threats and potential conflicts.

Compliance Management

In the Branicks Group we commit to act responsibly and lawfully.

Our compliance guidelines implement standard and binding rules for all employees throughout the Group.

Whistleblower System

All employees of the Branicks Group are encouraged to report misconduct and violations of statutory provisions or regulations and internal company guidelines. In addition, our clients, suppliers and other third parties are also welcome to use our whistleblower system.

Use the Safe Channel whistleblower system to submit reports anonymously.