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Sustainability for the working world of tomorrow

We positively mitigate climate change, we shape our business with and for the people, we are a reliable partner, and conduct our business activities in a transparent and accountable manner.


Our ESG Strategy

With our commitment to sustainability, clearly defined milestones and demon­strable transparency, ESG is part of our DNA and our sustainability strategy.

This includes upgrading our buildings with the climate in mind, making our internal processes more efficient, promoting an inclusive employee structure, generating a steady flow of income, ensuring conti­nuity in our dividend policy and providing ESG-focused financial instru­ments.


With our commitment to sustainability, clearly defined milestones and demonstrable transparency, ESG is part of our DNA and our sustainability strategy.

  • We positively mitigate climate change.

    We have set measurable climate targets based on current knowledge of the environmental parameters available globally and our own market knowledge.

    Furthermore, we want to contribute actively to decarbonising the Euro­pean Building sector. Reducing CO2 emissions and decreasing envi­ronmental damage are a top priority for us.

  • We shape our business with and for the people.

    As an employer, we are responsible for ensuring a positive corporate culture as well as a safe, social and healthy working environment.

    Collaboration at DIC is based on motivation, diversity, an entrepre­neurial mind-set and behaviour, inde­pendence, flexibility and exper­tise.

  • We are a reliable partner, and conduct our business activi­ties in a transparent and accoun­table manner.

    We attach great importance to cor­porate governance in the sense of­managing our company sustainably.

    We commit ourselves to observing the principles of ethical conduct and in­tegrity, any and all applicable legal pro­visions as well as our internal co­rporate values.

  • 3+1: We use digitisation for ESG purposes as yet another building block.

    Digitisation has become a regular component of our day-to-day business. Synergies from the standardisation and automation of operational and administrative processes act as basis for the digital services we provide to our investors and tenants: They help us to keep stepping up the pace.

    Yet we derive much more from it:

    Higher quality. Smarter use of resources. Better service.

Chief executive officer

Sonja Wärntges

All of Branicks’ activities are shaped by our “spirit to create excellence”. We see change not as a threat but as an oppor­tunity to renew the foundations of our success. At the same time, we know that our responsibility as a company extends far beyond merely creating tangible value. That is why we work closely with all of our stakeholders to ensure that we are guided by their needs.

The future is changeable, and that applies to us as an organisation, too. The acqui­sition of VIB during the year under review added another facet to our business model, making it significantly more versa­tile and resilient. Logistics properties are now our second major asset class after office properties, comprising 39% of our Commercial Portfolio. At the same time, we are generating much steadier revenue streams than before. It is our responsibi­lity to actively help shape future change and prepare ourselves for the challenges of tomorrow.

We hope that reading our 2022 Sustain­ability Report gives you the same sense of joy and optimism we felt while preparing it.

The future is “changeable”!

Branicks' values

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct illustrates what we as Branicks Group stand for, and what sort of values we uphold.

Branicks and its employees are sustainably involved in various industry associations and organizations, including:

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