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Developing portfolio properties

To maximise value and use for tenants and investors, we revitalise and reposition real estate, leverag­ing our interdisciplinary expertise to secure long-term, valuable leases and increase the long-term value of our portfolio properties.

Customised Property Development

Our unique approach allows us to customise the revitalisation process as needed. By leveraging new utilisation concepts, we can tailor a space to the tenant’s specific needs. And by modern­ising the building technology, we meet our users’ and investors’ ESG goals, reduce operating costs and make properties ‘fit for the future’.

Revitalising real estate

Revitalisation turns buildings and spaces that are no longer marketable back into usable and valuable properties. More than just refurbishing, we upgrade the property to meet today’s challenging economic and social standards, placing high priority on preserving the original look, especially for protected historical buildings (Denkmal­schutz).

Repositioning for long-term viability

Repositioning transforms ageing proper­ties into contemporary, up-to-date units. By leveraging market, location, and buil­ding analyses to identify and address the specific challenges, we develop solutions to ensure the long-term viability of pro­perties threatened by vacancy.


Our team of experts
for your real estate


Our interdisciplinary team of archi­tects, engineers, economists and project managers works to realise the full potential of each and every property. Whether making energy and energy-efficiency improve­ments to administrative buildings or repositioning an iconic high-rise, we’re setting the bar high.

Creating value through sustainability


Our goal is to continuously increase the value of the real estate portfolio entrusted to us. This ensures cash flow and demon­strates our commitment to sustainability. DGNB certification of our blue-chip pro­perties is just one example.

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